Saturday, February 27, 2010

energy of power

Teaching is responsible for qualities of the teacher!

What is unacceptable?

Could usability become usury?

Can renewable mean responsible?

Is self-sustainablity more of an energetic verb?

What new approach could be more empowering ?

What is the difference between energy and power?

Could one service be a product and the other be just a process?

What's the difference between symptomatic and the responsible causality?

How do we tell people if they don't accept freedom for the people..
they are unacceptable? & their behavior is obvious.. by definition..

The power is that action does not have to yield any thing (like difference?)..
.. the energy is in the effort to find a permeating spirit that unifies (integrity)

Friday, October 23, 2009

memorable words

..behavior is the best testimony of another persons' influence..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

balancing 101 BOOKS

I didn't like reading when I was a kid so my parents got me placebo reading glasses and Classics Illustrated comic books. The only childhood book I remember was A Wrinkle in Time that warped into high school when the Hobbit was reading Lord of the Rings. My English teacher, from San Francisco, could inspire with his stories but his critical eye on my writing was discouraging and I HAD to read A Catcher in The Rye when it only seemed to validate and amplify frustration.

Luckily in college I asked a English Literature teacher if I could turn in drawings instead of essays and he exposed me to the spiritual quest of William Blake and we started The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and jumped into the stream of consciousness. Classmate characters were students of The Magus, they considered him Man and Superman. They introduced me to The French Lieutenant's Woman. Renee moved in after I completed Childhood's End and she gave me The Autobiography of a Yogi on my birthday, since it was the same day as Paramahansa Yogananda's. Thanks to Krinshnamurdi, I pondered the teaching as more important that the teacher after all that Theosophy.

So since my parents were social workers there was The Art of Loving in our Games People Play, so though I'm OK Your OK, grandma was dying of cancer when Brad Boatman's mom Barbara gave me a signed copy of Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, when I returned it I said, "He thinks cancer causes smoking, could cigarettes be used as medicine?" I needed to enter The Doors of Perception to find The Fourth Way to The Master Game when every one was saying, "Don't play games with me" Dr. DeRoppe said the worst condition known to man is not having a game worth playing, & that's why solitary confinement is such harsh punishment but consider the word alone is ALLONE. Then The Glass bead Game lead me to Siddartha, so after The Journey to the East, I interviewed with Mark Twain's Mysterious Stranger. Assuming the role as expressive Art's advisor, Wright Putney gave me The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment to study The Creative Process but when The Roots of Coincidence revealed The Politics of Ecstasy, I admitted The Medium IS the Massage.

As One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, I stared into the Twightlight Candelabra, To Be Not Content, I found it was Sometimes a Great Notion to take The Electric Kool-aide Acid Test, so I got on the bus.
Laughing at Another Roadside Attraction I discovered Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, as Fierce Invalids back from Harsh Climates, were Half Asleep in Frog's Pajamas but they put on their Jitterbug Perfume and went to The Villa Incognito to recover from The Milagro Beanfield War and The Nirvana Blues.

I was a Stranger in a Strange Land and I needed Time Enough to Love so I picked up The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy t to get to The Restaurant at The End Of The Universe. Count Zero said, "hop in behind The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo because we'll be Burning Chrome with The Difference Engine, "we're going to All Tomorrow's Parties."
There was Lestat transparently observing An Interview With a Vampire while Memnoch the Devil let out a Cry to Heaven. when The Violin summoned us to A Feast for All Saints. What a celebration until The Body Thief said it was The Witching Hour, & I was ready to Snowcrash, at least that's how the computer screen looked. I said A Prayer For Owen Meany.

I woke up as A Man in Full and had to perform Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance by The Cider House Rules. You Can't Afford The Luxury of a Negative Thought when Everything I know I Learned in Kindergarden. It Takes a Village and Being There made me ask my neighbor How to Be Organized In Spite of Yourself. He replied harmoniously In His Own Write. It was Common Sense except for taxing the Commonwealth.
The World According to Garp was to become Illusions. Realizing The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress when a computer became aware by telling a joke. By Running With Scissors The Queen of The Damned became A Widow For a Year. But Atlas Shrugged at The Fountainhead of Creation. That's Life 101, Kalki.

Confusion models The System of The World looking from the Zodiac, but if I used The Golden Compass from The Tropic of Capricorn and was lucky to find The Diamond Age. It was The Singer in The Sea that used her Amber Spyglass to show us The Light in The Attic. So I continued along to Where The Sidewalk Ends and stepped through The Phantom Tollbooth with drawings by Jules Pheifer.

Suddenly I could Stop Walking on Eggshells because The Challenge of Marriage had ripened into The New Approach To Discipline. Radical Honesty came from Emotional Intelligence, both among The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.
We Gathered around The Kitchen Table Wisdom and found ourselves launched into Skywriting By Word of Mouth. With my head in the clouds I said, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff but What Color IS Your Parachute? ..& don't forget your book..."

Friday, May 15, 2009

name this list


Friday, March 27, 2009

pro or con)verse

Dialog @ % * & # $ DEBATE
Shared ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ opinionated
Evaluate * * * * * judge
Practice & / or / perform
Consideration / decision
Question = + - answer
Suggest ? < > ! demand
Content vs. defensive
choose ^ ^ ^ ^ default
+ charge % # % - cost

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stages of Respect